Alpha 3.6 Release

Alpha release of BeatVortex

This release is outdated, and should not be used! There is a bugfix update for this release available.

This is another major bugfix release for the previous alpha release.

This includes fixes for two major bugs:

  • Game detection failing or not discovering Beat Saber could crash the Settings page
    • Most relevant settings should now only show up if you’re actually managing your Beat Saber installation with Vortex
  • Metaserver registration has been patched to avoid a sort-of-bug in modmeta-db
    • Dependency resolution should be working again
  • Automatic game update detection has been disabled by default
    • This feature hasn’t been tested enough for my liking and was causing some earlier bugs so I have disabled it by default for now.

For the major updates in this release, please check the docs for the previous feature release.

A note on bugs

This release is fixing yet more bugs in the 0.3.x tree, but should also be improving overall polish. If you do find more bugs, please reach out on GitHub or Discord and I will do my best to get things fixed as quick as I can.

Big thanks (as always) to Pickysaurus, Tannin and Nagev for helping out with these bugs and being great about the whole thing.