Alpha 3.8 Release

Alpha release of BeatVortex

This release is now available on Nexus Mods.

This is a general bugfix and polish release for the 0.3.x release.

This includes fixes for a number of bugs and sources of instability:

  • BeatMods browser should be significantly more stable
    • This includes fixes for some bugs on clean installs and general state bugs. Thanks @Pickysaurus!
    • Dramatically improved how we handle version compatibility including support for matching game versions to compatible mod versions
  • Improved game version detection that should be more consistent across the extension.
  • A few other minor bugs squashed and general performance improvements in a few places.
  • We’ve also changed the icons for playlist-related UI components (creating playlists and the playlist manager) to a new custom one that should be a bit clearer.

For the major updates in this release tree, please check the docs for the previous feature release.

A note on bugs

This release is fixing yet more bugs in the 0.3.x tree, but should also be improving overall polish. If you do find more bugs, please reach out on GitHub or Discord and I will do my best to get things fixed as quick as I can.