Alpha 3.9 Release

Alpha release of BeatVortex

This release is now available on Nexus Mods.

This is a general bugfix and polish release for the 0.3.x release.

This includes fixes for a number of bugs and some minor improvements:

  • Beat Saber-specific attributes should now only show when you’re managing your Beat Saber mods. Thanks @Pickysaurus!
  • Fixed a potential bug that would prevent deployments on new installs.
  • Tweaked some attributes for installed mods
  • Some more minor fixes, refactoring and cleanup

For the major updates in this release tree, please check the docs for the previous feature release.

Looking forward

Barring any huge problems, this will be the last of the 0.3.x releases, and I’ll be pushing for a 0.4 release in the next few weeks (time permitting). While it won’t pack quite the feature list that 0.3.1 did, 0.4.x should still be a good milestone. Thanks to everyone who has reported bugs, helped out with questions, or has just downloaded and used BeatVortex!