Alpha 4.3 Release

Alpha release of BeatVortex

This release is now available on Nexus Mods.

This release is a minor fix for the previous alpha release including:

  • Improved BSIPA version detection
    • In short, errors should be handled better now and you should see a notification when BeatVortex can’t detect your BSIPA configuration.
  • Fixed some behind-the-scenes issues
    • This should resolve some React-related deprecation warnings

There was a lot of changes in 0.4.0 and 0.4.1, so make sure you check those release notes if you haven’t already.

As with 0.4.0, the changes introduced in this release require some new features and fixes only available in Vortex 1.3 and above. As such, this version is only supported in Vortex 1.3.x. If you’re still using Vortex 1.2.x, you can continue using BeatVortex 0.3.9. Check this post for more information on how we’re handling supported updates.

BeatMods mod availability

Most mods should now be available from BeatMods for the 1.12.2 update as authors update their mods. If you cannot find or install mods after the 1.12.2 update, check if they are available on BeatMods. They may not have been updated for the latest game version.