Getting started with BeatVortex, including installing and managing your mods

This site includes only the guides for getting started with BeatVortex and managing Beat Saber mods with Vortex. For help with Vortex, check out the Vortex Support page.

Ready to get started with BeatVortex? Awesome!

In general terms, you need to install the extension, then install some mods and you’re ready to play!

Installing BeatVortex

Installing the BeatVortex extension into Vortex

Installing Mods

How to install, view and manage your mods in Vortex.


How to configure and customise your mods

Beat Saber IPA (BSIPA)

How to manage, configure and work with BSIPA.

Installing Playlists

How to install and view map playlists in Vortex.

Bookmark Sync

How to sync your bookmarked maps with Vortex.

BeatVortex for Mod Assistant Users

A guide on using BeatVortex (and Vortex) for regular Mod Assistant users.