How to configure and customise your mods

Customising metadata

You can customise the basic metadata of any of your mods (name, author, notes etc) using Vortex’s built-in sidebar. Just double-click on the name of any mod in your mod list and you’ll get a small dialog where you can change the name and author, or add some notes for yourself. It’s not recommended to change the source or mod type as these control how mods are handled internally.


Just like any other Vortex game, you can have multiple profiles configured for different mod selections. Don’t want your streaming mods enabled when you’re offline? Set up two profiles and switch over when you’re playing with an audience. You can create a new profile from the Profiles screen by either cloning your exising one (from the Edit dropdown menu), or clicking Add “Beat Saber” Profile.

Removing or resetting BeatVortex

If you want to completely reset BeatVortex so that you can start over from scratch, first uninstall all your currently installed mods from the Mods list. Once you’ve done that (and deployed!) jump to the Profiles screen, and choose Remove from the dropdown menu beside the edit button for the “Beat Saber - Default” profile. This will effectively reset your Vortex so that Beat Saber will reappear as an available, unmanaged game in the Games list.

To remove BeatVortex entirely, you should uninstall and remove all your installed mods from the Mods list first. After deploying, you can then remove the Default profile (see above), and finally uninstall the extension itself by clicking over to the Extensions screen. BeatVortex will appear near the end of the list as “Game: Beat Saber”. Click Remove to uninstall BeatVortex.

Note that Beat Saber will still show up in your Games list since Vortex can redownload the extension from Nexus Mods.

Purging to default

If you want to take your game back to a default, unmodded state, you can use Vortex’s Purge feature. Click the Purge Mods button from the Mods list and Vortex will undeploy all your enabled mods, leaving your game directory essentially unmodded.

You should be prompted to revert BSIPA patching when you purge, and prompted to rerun patching when you next deploy mods.

Preview Features

We sometimes include early previews of new features for BeatVortex that might not be fully ready for primetime. These features are usually functional, but are also usually still in active development and not necessarily as polished as you might expect. You can enable any of these features to get early access to new functionality, but be warned that you will probably see bugs and problems.

To check and enable preview features, open the Interface tab of your Settings page and scroll down to find the “BeatVortex Preview Features” section.


When you first start managing Beat Saber (or after the update to v0.4.x for existing users), BeatVortex will pull down the current set of categories from BeatMods. The next time you start Vortex, you should be able to sort, filter and group your mods by category so you can just check your Stream Tools or hide the Tools for Modders.

Handling your Mods list

Since everything gets installed as a mod when you’re using BeatVortex, your Mods list can get quite lengthy quite fast! Here’s a few tips for keeping your mods list more manageable:

  • One of the best options is to group your mods list by source. This will let you look at your BeatMods mods, BeatSaver maps, ModelSaber models, and BeastSaber playlists as convenient groups. Click the small list icon beside the Source column to enable grouping.
  • Remember you can easily add or remove columns from the mod list using the small cog in the top right. You can remove builtin columns (like endorsement) and even add in Beat Saber-specific columns (like artist name or map difficulties).
  • Double clicking any mod will bring up the details pane for that mod. You can use this to edit any missing information, or just to add your own notes about a particular mod or map.